Wednesday Poll: A Task

Last Wednesday night when we got back from vacation, I had a not-good message waiting from one of my college roommates.  A mutual friend had suffered a heart attack and was in critical shape.  Although Nice Friend is still alive and battling, in addition to worrying about her condition, I've spent the past week feeling a little guilty.

At one point in my life, Nice Friend was like my older sister.  She was one of the managers at the restaurant I and many of my friends worked at during high school and college, and I can remember many nights spent after work talking about boys, life--you name it.  Although I have a wonderful mother of my own, of course, Nice Friend was the person I went to for advice about things I couldn't always tell my mom (because Nice Friend wasn't obligated to, ya know, be my parent).

Then I moved, and visits home got both more rare and crazy busy.  Over the past few years I've seen her at a few weddings and at our group of friends annual Thanksgiving reunion, but, more or less, we've just kind of lost touch....

And I'm feeling guilty that it's taken something like this for me to really stop and think of her.

So, for this week's poll, a task:

Call an old friend and catch up.