The Omnivore's Hundred: Four More to Check Off

A few more to cross-off on the Omnivore's Hundred....


...Wasabi Peas.  The Asian equivalent of spicy peanuts, I'm not even sure that I really like these but somehow they're addictive nonetheless!

...Raw scotch bonnet pepper.  I forgot that I'd planted scotch bonnets until I found some in my garden a few weeks ago.  I was nervous for this one, so I had a glass of milk at the ready.  While the peppers were certainly warm, once the hot subsided the aftertaste was very nice.  I think one in a pot of chili could do great things.

...a Big Mac Meal.  We rarely eat fast food except when we're on the road, when we often grab a cheeseburger and eat it in the car.  For the Big Mac though, we actually went in and sat down because they're kind of messy.  How does the song go?  Two all-beef patties, special sauce....???  Anyway, although it was enough calories for two meals, it was some yummy, yummy junk food!

...a S'more.  Two of the three nights we were at Rock Eddy, we had a fire and S'mores.  I like my marshmallows a little burnt, Sweet Husbands likes them perfectly browned--either way, there's nothing bad about chocolate, graham crackers, and gooey marshmallow happiness!

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