Obama in Kansas City

UPDATE:  Some great pictures from a guy that was standing next to me are here.  (I have total lens-envy!)

As mentioned yesterday, Sweet Husband and I drove over to KC last night to hear Barack Obama speak at the Liberty Memorial.  We got there at 3 p.m. and the line was already at least a few miles long--my calves are still a little sore from trekking all the way to the back of the line and then to the front again, all up and down hills!  Img_2257_2

But standing in line was far from boring--the people watching was fantastic!  There were old people, young people, all different races, all different kinds.  There were cutie-pie "Babies for Barack", and rebellious-looking pre-teens wearing t-shirts for "Change".  There were yuppies in track suits and hippies in dreadlocks, all wearing "Obama" buttons.  There were serious looking college students ("Rock Chalk Barack") and hundreds of teachers ("NEA for Obama").  There were a few solitary, elderly gentlemen obviously sporting their Sunday best, and bunches of little old ladies standing in groups, furiously chatting.  My favorites?  Two homemade t-shirts, "Knitters for Obama" and "Elitists for Obama"--seriously, how much fun!

At about five we finally got up to the area where the speech was to take place, and, lo and behold, ran into a friend from high school who had also come over for the day.  (Hi Melissa!)  We passed the time catching up, and before we knew it the introductory speakers were starting.

Obama's speech was pretty much what you've heard if you've been paying attention.  He told the pie story, and talked about the economy, taxes, and Iraq.  Sweet Husband--the taller of the two of us--tried to take some pictures, but we were so far away that he was basically just a speck.  There are better shots here.


I did get a decent video of the last few minutes of the speech though.