Wednesday Poll: Spooky Stories

2279486700_5fcacbb0e8I'm feeling all Halloween-y lately--thinking of all my favorite spooky stories and movies.

Like the ghost story that used to scare the bejesus out of me as a child.  It was about a china doll that was actually a vampire and sucked her young owner's blood one night.  The end was truly horrific--the girl's parents never figured out exactly how the girl died, but only found the china doll with a smear of blood across its face.

Or the Poltergeist movies.  Wow.  One night when I was much-too-young, a babysitter let me watch one (I still don't know which--the one with the man that looks like the Quaker Oats box?).  I couldn't sleep in a room with a mirror in it for...well, come to think of it, it still gives me the heebs.

For this week's poll:

What are some of your favorite scary stories and movies?  Why do you think it is that they give you the creeps?

Comment and discuss.

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