A Backyard Party




It was Wednesday when I got an email from my editor.  Did I want to do a story on outdoor parties?  For the following Monday?

I frowned in thought for about 30 seconds.  While I have it on belief that some bloggers and fancy magazines stage party photos without having an actual party, I've never seen the point.  If I'm going to make food and pull out the tablecloths, darn it, I'm having a party.  But did I want to have one in 4 days?

Luckily, I was riding a particularly potent second trimester energy surge that day.  Also--as I started mentally rapid-firing through the list of friends I would invite--I realized that we had been complete hermits all spring; I missed my people and wanted an excuse to see them.

Why not?  I shrugged my shoulders, and recklessly replied to the email in the affirmative.

Only then did I think to text Sweet Husband, but fortunately he's a good sport.

Two and a half trips to the grocery store later, we were having a party.

Of course, small mistakes were made.  Croquet is a lovely lawn game, but not for 3 year old boys.  (No concussions, thankfully.)  And one section of our borrowed card table was a wee bit precarious.  And almost everyone thought strawberry salad would be a delicious side dish to contribute.  (It was!)  But on the whole, gosh it was nice to see everyone.

Here is the resulting story with all the details, and even a few quickie recipes:  How To Throw An Outdoor Party (With 4 Days to Plan)