In Spite of the Good News, My Heart Hurts Today

We have a black President, and that is so great--look how far we've come, how inclusive and progressive we are.  And yet, while we're making strides in terms of racial discrimination, it breaks my heart that we've filled the void with a new group of second-class citizens--gays and lesbians.

I just don't get why people would vote for something that has absolutely no effect on them, but will deny the civil rights and happiness of millions of other people.  Gay marriage bans in Florida and Arizona....the people of Arkansas who would apparently rather let unwanted children linger in foster care and group homes, than let them be adopted by loving families....Prop 8 not looking good passed in California....can someone please explain to me why

And no, the fact that you think homosexuality is "icky" or it violates your religious teachings are not valid reasons.  (Further--not that it's relevant because religion has no place in this debate regardless--if your god is that mean then I'll take my chances elsewhere!)

I...can't find words for it even.  That one of my first worries when I found out my Dear Friend had had a heart attack was, "I hope that her partner won't have any trouble trying to stay with her in the hospital"....that another friend--who is hands down one of the best mothers I know--could have her right to parent her child called into question....again, anybody, WHY

Is it that the people who voted for this crap have so isolated themselves that they don't know any gays or lesbians to relate it all to? 

Is it that they don't have a good friend or family member that they have to imagine saying, "Sorry, I don't think you deserve to have the same rights as me," to, as they check that box on the ballot? 

Or is that something that's just comforting for me to think in order to avoid the alternative?

It makes me ache inside to know that here, now, when we're making so much progress, there are so many people out there who are still so small.