Hats for Wee Haitians

Img_2572My very most favoritest blog these days is Soule Mama written by Amanda Blake Soule.  It's nothing groundbreaking--just a creative mom, her kiddos, and their adventures--but it's just so darn peaceful there.  (Maybe that's what makes it groundbreaking, ya think?)

Last week Mama Soule started a new project called Mama to Mama.  It's mission:

"[W]e craft, sometimes, to bring a little peace to our lives, to our hearts, and to our everyday moments. Taking that just a step further, we can - and do, like so many crafters before us - turn our crafting into peace for the world beyond our homes. The simple act of creating something with intention and heart - for someone in need, can have a beautiful effect on the lives of others. We can, indeed, do something to create a more just and peaceful world...all with the simple, mindful and crafty work of our hands."

In other words, help others by being crafty--excellent!

Her first project is called Caps to Cap Haitien.  There's more info at the site, but basically, we're making baby caps to be distributed as part of safe birthing kits to birth attendants in Northern Haiti.  The hats are made from old t-shirts and there is a pattern here

(Aside:  This made the greatest excuse to go through Sweet Husband's old holey shirts.  And when he protested, I said, "But think of the little hatless babies."  And when he questioned if babies in Haiti--where it is awfully warm, after all--really need hats, I read him this.)

If you're itching for a quick something good to do--the holidays always put me in that mood--these little caps were so fun to make.  They look like little gnome hats, and they're super easy.  I made a dozen in about an hour and a half, and I am far from an accomplished seamstress.

The project is going until at least December 10th, so you have plenty of time to join in if you're interested!