Alabama Scarves

ScarvesA couple more projects from the Alabama Stitch Book

(If you will remember from my dishtowels, the Alabama Stitch Book focuses on using cotton jersey--mostly recycled from old t-shirts--to make new things.)

The scarf on the right is the rag boa, straight from the book.  It's made by sewing together several long rectangles of fabric, and then cutting little slits up the sides.  (Mine was a little wild after I first finished it, but a little trimming made it wearable.)

The second scarf is just a long rectangular piece of cotton jersery.  (I used another scarf I love as a pattern.)  The leaf stencil on the bottom came from the Alabama Stitch Book, and was applied with white fabric paint.  I just left the edges raw, but you could hem them if you wanted.

For more ideas, check out the Alabama Stitch Book flickr pool.