Ingrid Michaelson Dish Towels

Img_2618I know this is going to sound really basic to anyone who's been sewing or crafting for more than two seconds, but, did you know you can just write or draw free-hand on dishtowels and embroider over it? 

While you could go buy a disappearing-fabric-pen-thingy, a light colored sharpie works just about as well.  And your handwriting doesn't have to be perfect either--I used a fairly uneven scrolly-scrawl to good effect.  Then just doodle your heart out, and stitch over it 'till you can't see the ink anymore.

I decided I needed towels with Ingrid Michaelson lyrics--domestic-y, but hip, right?  For example, the one in the picture (from "Giving Up") says, "What if I never let you win...and chase you with a rolling pin?"