Because You Really Aren't Working Today Anyway, Right?

So you can help me shop instead!

For those of you who have dogs/kids/other messy stuff:

What kind of bedding do you have?  We're about due for new, and I'm trying to scout out something fun.  I keep seeing all these pictures of pretty-pretty white beds, and I love how crisp and modern they look.  But then I think about how dirty they would get after even one run-in with the Wee Welshman's paws, and reach the inevitable conclusion that we are not white bed people. 

I don't want to do a bed-in-a-bag per se (because it sucks when one piece gets shabby and then you have to replace the whole thing because nothing else matches it)--more like something that matches, but isn't match-y?  Maybe a solid color comforter and some fun pillows?  A printed comforter and plainer pillows?

Clearly, I'm befuzzled.  If you've seen something cute or have a good suggestion, leave me a comment pretty-please! 

(Here are a few others that I like:  luxurious fabrics, leslie's blue room, minor details.)