Sweet Husband Goes to a Basketball Game

This evening, my very nice co-worker asked me if I would like his basketball tickets for tonight's game.  Sweet Husband is behind on his work for an art sale he's doing this weekend, and I had a gingerbread house to make--so, of course, I said, "Absolutely!" 

(As you might imagine with that whole national championship thing, Jayhawk basketball tickets are expensive and wicked hard to get hold of.)

In fact, this was Sweet Husband's first KU basketball game, and as such, pictures were in order.  I truly believe there can't be anywhere as cool as Allen Fieldhouse to watch a game.  Although I know the small size contributes to the astronomical ticket prices, it makes for a phenomenal experience.  There isn't a bad seat anywhere, and it is so loud.  (In a good, "Yay school spirit" kind of way.)  Although I'm told by my basketball expert friends that this will probably be a "rebuilding year", it's still way too much fun to watch our guys play. 

From left to right...Sweet Husband, the pretty new banner hanging in the rafters, and Baby Jay.