His Digger Garden Bed


By the time I was ready to plant, he had already claimed this bed as his own.  I was going to have two beds of peppers this year--more better for hot sauce making--but when the Kid asked, "But where will my diggers go?" it was all over.

We'll buy the extra peppers; the digger bed has to stay.  Mostly because he's so proud of it.  Every day it's "Come see the hill I made!"  And his poor Uncle has probably spent more time out helping with the trucks than he gets to spend in the house.  

I keep thinking about picking up a bag of sand to mix in, but the Kid is perfectly satisfied with his construction site as-is.  With enough bug spray, he'll be digging out there until it snows.

[And the winner of the Tiny Farm Co. giveaway is Molly!]