Mom Purse for the Win

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I resisted the "mom purse" for a long time.  

You know, the mom purse--the one full of snacks and water bottles and wipes and toys?  I'm not sure why I was so against it, but I think it was partly some subconscious line of self-demarcation.  I willingly let the Kid maul my body and co-sleep in my bed and spread trains all over my living room floor, but my purse stayed full of pretty, grown-up things.  It was mine.

But then, one day I looked down at my child's face.  At that particular instant, it was smeared with dirt, a little egg yolk, and perhaps even a booger.  I frowned.  He looked downright unloved.  And not long after that, an ugly little package of wet wipes crept into my bag.

Which is why I was unreasonably excited when a few other bloggers I regularly read posted about these pretty new Huggies wipes.  

Because, hello not ugly!  And not only are they pretty, but the pouch is reusable, too.  You can refill it with wipes, of course, but you could also use it for make-up or even kid toys.  (Yup, those are creepin' into the purse, too.)  I've been carrying one for a few weeks now, and I can't believe no one has had this idea sooner.

And, while I admit that I'm sometimes still slovenly about wiping the Kid's face down--but not after ice cream, see photos above--having wipes at the ready is useful for many other sticky situations, too.

After this particular ice cream adventure, for example, we decided to walk to the park.  Two seconds after arriving, the Kid proclaimed from across the playground, "I need to potty now.  I really need to go poop!"

Sweet Husband gamely led him towards the men's room, but then called my cell phone from inside.

"I'm gonna need those wipes now."

Mom purse for the win.

[This is, as you may have guessed, a post sponsored by Huggies.  My thoughts and my child's dirty face are all my own.  And do check out the new Huggies wipes.  They have several cute patterns to pick from--no need to live with ugly wipes!]