Save Handmade Toys

Savehandmade Just read about this last night and am troubled.  Apparently in response to last years Chinese toy recalls, congress has passed a law (the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act) requiring all toys to be tested for things like lead.  The problem?  While the testing is do-able for big toy manufacturers, it's financially unfeasible for smaller manufacturers and independent crafters.

So basically, the people mass-making plastic-y crap (the kind that sparked the recalls in the first place) will get to stay in business, while people who have always been making safe and beautiful toys will get forced out.

Which sucks!

If you are concerned about this, as I am, here is a page with more information and some things you can do.  Especially worth noting is the Handmade Toy Alliance site and blog, which includes a list of proposed improvements to the law that would allow small toy makers to continue their businesses while still keeping kiddos safe.