The No-Plastic Holiday Challenge...I Tried

Noplasticchallenge If you will remember--encouraged by the CDG--I had great ambitions to make this a "no plastic holiday".  Yeah, that didn't necessarily go so well.

I tried.  And overall I think I did buy/use less plastic than I might have otherwise, but still my transgressions were numerous.  In my defense however, this was a hard challenge!

For example, looking for a gift for my cousin's wee lad, I went to our local toy store thinking I could find something made of wood.  But even the wood toys were all still packaged in plastic.

And then shopping for people like my Nice Mom, who really only wanted CD's this year (plastic wrapper, plastic case, plastic CD).  I ended up cheating and getting her a gift certificate to a place where she could buy her own CD's--so technically I didn't buy the plastic, but I'm sure she did.

I did do really well shopping for my girlies.  Cutie Niece got some cool watercolor pencils and paper.  Nice Sister, a book and a day at our local paint-your-own pottery place

And I did do really well shopping locally.  The only thing I had to have shipped-in was one gift for Sweet Husband (a kit to make his own mini trebuchet--one of those things you really have to order from wherever you can find it).  I think I got maybe two or three other things from big box stores, but everything else was from our local and lovely small businesses.

So, I guess I could've done better, but I think I did better than I have in the past--that counts for something, right?