Plans and Resolutions

So, tonight we ring in 2009.  Silly how we compartmentalize time the way we do, as if tomorrow is in a completely different universe than today--but nonetheless....

This year, I've not got resolutions so much as I have plans.  Lots of plans.  Big plans.

But, contrary to popular belief, my whole life is not an open blog, so you all will just have to wait for my plans to unfold just like everyone else.  (I'm mean, I know.)  Let's just say, if everything works out the way I hope, it will be an exciting year.  (And if it doesn't, well...maybe that's part of why I'm staying mum....)

In between those big plans however, I also hope to squeeze in a few smaller resolutions:

1.  This year I will back up this blog.

I know, can you believe it?  Millions of words, tons of pictures, and, up to this point, I've left it all in the hands of fate and Typepad.  No more!  I'm thinking of doing a set of Blurb books.  I've resisted this in the past because there's not a good way to transform videos and slide shows into paper form, but at this point it's better than nothing.

2.  This year I will get down to my ideal weight.

Yada-yada, I know, it's an overdone resolution, but nonetheless it's on my list.  Last year I did really well--I lost twenty pounds between January and April and was able to maintain that for the rest of the year--but this year I want to finish the quest and get down to the ideal, healthy weight for my height and age.

3.  This year I will take some photography classes.

I love taking pictures, but so much of what I do is completely by accident.  Which makes it really hard to duplicate.  I want to learn why my camera does what it does, and how I can make it do it better.

Anyone else have resolutions (or plans) to share?