Omnivore's Hundred: Chicken Tikka Masala and Salted Lassi

I got in a few Indian foods from the Omnivore's Hundred last weekend, when some friends talked us into going to India Palace for dinner.

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First, an order of chicken tikka masala.  Common wisdom is this dish is not actually Indian in origin, but was invented in Glasgow, Scotland, then imported to India.  Wherever it's from, it was pretty darned good though!  It had that sweet-spicy thing going on.  (I'm a sucker for that!)

Second, a salted lassi, which is a yogurt drink.  Imagine sipping salty cottage cheese through a straw.  While it was disgusting, it was kind of fun watching everyone's faces screw up as I passed it around the table for sampling.  In the end all four of us agreed--it was not good.  (Note Nice Friend making a kinda-creepy face for this kinda-creepy drink!)