Poll: Family

I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes people family, and I've come to the conclusion that my family is not very biological these days.  Rather, it's my people, those who know me and love me anyway, those who if I said, "I have a body to bury," would reply, "Where shall I bring the shovel?"

It's really only lately that I've started to think of our household as it's own family, as opposed to just mashed together fragments of our families of origin.  Sweet Husband, Me, Porterhouse, and Moe--that is my family.

My siblings and Sweet Husband's, our parents, of course--they are all my family.  
And then there's this little group that's sprung up around us here in Lawrence.  Some would call them mere friends, but they too are my family.

And then there are a few of you, frequent commentors and lurkers that I look forward to hearing from each day, I think you're kind of becoming my family as well.

Who is your family?