The Pups Speak!

73413164_h9Xvj-M Moe:  I'm lodging a protest.  I've begged and sat nicely, but Mom says I can't have my own blog.  Stanley and Stella have one.  Molly and Taffy have one.  I want one too!  

Meryl:  Sorry Moe-moe, I can't be blogging all the time, gotta go to work--well, if you like eating, that is.

Moe:  Eating! Yes, let's go do that!

Meryl:  (Aside) Ya see how easily distracted he is?  He'll forget about this blog thing in no time!

Moe:  Will not!  I want a blog!  I keep your toes warm at night--you owe me!

Meryl:  Darn, I guess I do....OK, well how about this?  What if I let you and Porter crash my blog every so often?  Say, once a week or so?  Would that satisfy you?  We could import your old diaries from your Dogster pages, even....and some pictures....

Moe:  Hmmm....well that doesn't sound too bad....throw in a snack and you've got a deal!