The Boy Makes Eggs Too


When Sweet Husband and I first were married I had this silly idea that we should divide the household labor exactly down the middle, tit for tat, he cleaned half the toilet, I cleaned the other half.  (Not really on that last one, but you get the idea.)  It was most certainly related to my childhood, I'm sure.  Seeing my mom work more than full time and come home and do all the household chores too.  Not me, I vowed.

Yeah, that didn't last very long.  Not because Sweet Husband's a slacker--because he's absolutely not--but because keeping score like that is not practical or even--as I quickly figured out--really even healthy.  Instead, we've gradually evolved into a pattern that may not stay perfectly equal every second of every day, but does equal out over time.  Meal planning and recipe hunting, my job.  Weekend breakfasts, his.  The result?  The lovely plate of eggs and goodies you see before you.  I think it's a pretty good deal.

(And the perfectly round eggs?  Egg rings--absolutely gorgeous!)