Moe Speaks: Fourth Birthday

Today, I am four.  I think Mom is maybe a little sad about this--me entering middle age and all--but I'm completely down with it.  I don't mind being older so much, and birthdays always mean fun!

This year my "present" was a nice, long afternoon walk at Clinton Lake.  (We celebrated last weekend.)  We don't usually go out hiking very much during "mud season", but Mom said we'd make an exception. 

(Note from Mom: I think we still have mud pasted to the kitchen floor from the aftermath!)

First, we walked all the way to the top of a big hill that looks over the lake. 
My Pictures 

Then I chased my ball down hill towards the lake shore.

Mom played around for awhile taking pictures on the beach, but the lake was frozen, so no swimming!  I did get to sniff around a little before we headed for home though.
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And then, as if the walk wasn't enough, I got to take a shower all by myself to wash off my mud!  

What a great birthday I had!