The Grocery List: Cleaning Out the Pantry Edition

(Ohhh, new idea! Blogging the week's menu at our house. Don't promise it'll be fascinating or even terribly regular, but it'll keep me organized at least...maybe...right? Eh, anyway, here goes....

It was a cold and snowy Friday night. Sweet Husband had gone out to pick up bread and wine--essentials for weathering any storm--when I started looking in the pantry to see what I could scrounge up to go with sandwiches. 

Our pantry is small and dark and only has a half size door. (We joke that it's a self-enforcing measure against over-eating--if you got too fat you wouldn't be able to get through the pantry door to feed yourself!) As I sorted through its contents, I quickly became frustrated and decided it was time to organize. When Sweet Husband got home, this was the scene: 


Three boxes of unflavored gelatin, four kinds of flour (AP, buckwheat, cake, whole wheat), five different kinds of vinegar (white, apple cider, malt, balsamic, and rice)--not to mention various and sundry soups, pastas, rice, grains....the list could go on.

Needless to say, today's grocery list was pretty much about using some of that up: