The Grocery List: Inspiration and Adventure


I subscribe to about 10 different food blogs.  When I see a recipe that looks great, I bookmark it.  Then when it's time to make the week's grocery list, I already have all sorts of yummy ideas.  
As a result of this method--although we do have a few recipes in rotation that we go back to again and again (egg sandwiches, pizza, the chicken from Apples for Jam)--chances are good that if you stop by for dinner on a random night, we're trying a recipe that's new.  I've been asked if this is stressful, but I actually think it's kinda fun.  I enjoy the puttering, the adventure, the chance that dinner could be some fantastic new discovery!

For this week's list, several new recipes (still using up stuff from the back of the pantry) and one golden oldie (the pizza):

And here are a few of my favorite food blogs for your viewing (and munching!) pleasure: