Porter Speaks: A Trip to the Dog Park to Meet a New Friend

Two of my favorite humans (well, aside from Mom and Dad, of course) got a new puppy last week named Leroy.  He's a shelter dog, like me, and Mom says he's a "four-month-old-Lab-god-help-them".  

Aside from normal puppy antics though, I can tell he's going to be a Good Dog.  He already knows who his people are, and he's taught them to give him treats when he sits--a wonderful start for any young one.  I was hoping perhaps we could be friends before Moe ruined things.

That's right, my bully of a baby brother had to, well, be a big bully.  Yesterday, we all went to the dog park for a long walk, because it was sooo nice outside.  To give Moe a little credit, he was playing pretty well until some other dogs started chasing the puppy.  Then Moe got Overly Excited.  (Note to Moe: If the other dogs jump off a cliff, maybe you should follow them!)  No one was badly hurt, but "little" Leroy did get his ear nicked.  He walked it off like a champ, but I could tell Mom was very displeased.

Maybe next time we can just leave Moe at home?  What do you think about that idea, Mom?

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our walk:

(Don't I look so pretty?  And don't let Moe's innocent look fool you!)
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