An Inspiration Board

I love inspiration boards, but I can't do clutter.  (I know, I's creative clutter, but still.)  So, for awhile now I've been saving bits of ideas--you know, "that would be awesome for a garden" or "that would be great to make for dinner in the summer when tomatoes are good"--through electronic means, i.e. tucking away a link, scanning a picture, etc.  Not terribly organized, but whatever.

Then yesterday, I read this post on BlogHer about a new microblogging platform called Tumblr.  You can do text, videos, pictures, even audio--either uploaded yourself or (handy-dandy!) pulled straight from the web via Tumblr's bookmarklet feature.  I can toss stuff up when I think it's cool, and delete it just as easily later when/if the impulse passes.  Revolutionary, I tell you!

Without further adieu...An Inspiration Board.  (A permanent link is also in the left sidebar right under the comments.)