Small Textures


We were are the LOLA Valentine's show at our favorite local nursery (wonderful little sale, by the way, I could have bought something at every booth!) when I wandered over to the plants (imagine that!) and found a shelf of orchids.  

Which made me think of this week's Shutter Sisters Superhero Photo Challenge--to get a shot of something abstract, as in:

"Do you remember Highlights magazine from when you were a kid? I remember poring through it at the dentist's office or the eye doctor, always flipping as quickly as I could to the back section where the photography was. There was always a page full of photographs of things that were taken so close is was hard to decipher what the object was anymore- a tennis ball, a waffle, someone's skin. The game of course was to guess what each thing was."

So, I pulled my camera out of my purse (what you don't carry a camera with you at all times?) and started clicking.  I was a little disappointed that I couldn't zoom this in a bit more so that you'd really have to guess to tell what it was, but, eh, it's still gorgeous, so whatever!

And don't you just want to run you fingers over all the textures--the little bumps and hairs and ribs and smooth spots and veins?  Yes, yes, I think we all do!