Poll: What Pisses You Off?

I am generally an even tempered girl.  Long fuse.  Will de-fuse rather than exploding.  Peacemaker.  Arbitrator.  So on and so forth, etc.  

(Truly, it's almost pathological the lengths to which I will go to avoid a fight.)

But today, I am pissed.

Wanna know what makes me so angry?  When prosecutors other attorneys try to raise procedural bars to a claim that just needs to be heard, and in all fairness, should be heard.  Like, not a case where a defendant sat on his hands for two years or is just making shit up, but a case where it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that this guy wanted to appeal and the court system has just completely failed him.

'Cause the thing is, I don't really mind losing cases.  Of course, winning is better, but there are some cases where you just know going in that it isn't going to happen.  But to not even let my guy have his day in court?  Over a complete technicality?  Urgh, urgh, URGH!  It's so unfair and unjust, that it makes me want to just....spit!

Keep me company here--what pisses you off?