Free Tupperware, Only Better

IMG_3971 The other day I posted this picture on the inspiration board because I loved the use of glass milk jugs for dry food storage.  It started a little conversation among some Facebook friends about how jars make such wonderful food containers.

And they do!  I've started using them almost exclusively as a Tupperware substitute.  Why?
  1. They're free.  Although I do have some regular canning jars, I've also started just saving our old food jars.  For example, this jar originally came with salsa in it.  Just scrub off the label and you're good to go.  It can be a little fluster-y to keep lids and jars matched, but it's no worse than finding a matching Tupperware lid.
  2. They don't leak or pop open.  I can toss a jar of leftovers in my purse in the morning and not worry about ending up with sauce all over my checkbook. 
  3. They don't smell or stain.  Which really grosses me out with Tupperware--it's just yucky!
  4. They reduce all kinds of trash.  You're not throwing the glass jar away, you're not buying new plastic--yay environment!