Moe Speaks: Even With a Broken Tail, Our Little Redhead Friend Got the Better End of the Deal


Our little redhead friend, Maddie, broke her tail last week!  Can you believe it?  And she just has a nubbin' like me--actually, even less of a nubbin' than me--so there was really nothing they could do 'cept give her some good drugs and tell her to take it easy on the waggin' for awhile.

As a get well present, Mom knitted her a new ball.  I'm thinking maybe I need to fake some sort of illness so that I can get a cool knitted present like that.  The only thing Mom's knitted for me is this sweater.  While I will grudgingly admit that it looks pretty good, it's still a sweater.  Really Mom?  A sweater!  

C' 'bout some toys next time?  I promise I won't destroy them too fast--I'll give them three minutes, at least!

(Note from Meryl: The pattern for the ball is here, and the sweater is Warm and Wooly from Doggy Knits by Anna Tillman, slightly modified to make it a little longer.)