Love Quilt Update


Way back in July, I blogged about my plans to take apart an old quilt and put it together again.  
It's actually taken a bit more work than I thought it would.  Just cutting the pieces apart took a few evenings.  Going through to determine what was re-usable and what was too stained or threadbare took more time on top of that.  So much of the fabric was just paper thin.

But, in fits and spurts, I've made progress.  It's hard to say how much progress, because I'm not sure exactly how big it's going to be when I'm done.  The plan is just to keep stitching--keeping the quilt in a basically rectangular shape--until I run out of fabric scraps.  Along the way I've been experimenting quite a bit.  I did the first square as a random "crazy quilt", but have subsequently been working generally in diagonal strips.  It's quite a bit faster that way, although eventually I'll probably have to do another completely crazy square just so the one doesn't look weird.

I love the way it's coming together though, especially when I stop and lay it out in the sun.

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