Knit-a-Long'd Dishcloths



As if I needed an excuse!  

I was putzing around Ravelry the other day when I found the "Dishcloth-a Month" and the Dishcloth-a-Week knit-a-long groups.  After looking through (and doing a project from) each, I decided the "a-Month" group was a little more my speed--well, if I ever want to knit anything else, that is.

It's way too perfect for me though.  A little something different, maybe a little challenging, but no long-term commitment or attention span required.  The "a-Month" group only releases about 10 lines of the pattern every day, so that's nice too--I don't have to sit down and knit a whole afghan, just 10 lines and then I have to put it down 'till tomorrow.  And, on top of that, they're uber useful--yay dishcloths!

The "Circles Dishcloth" at the top is from the "a-Month" group, the "Heart Lace Dishcloth" is from the "a-Week".