On My Nightstand: Don't Let My Books Put You to Sleep

IMG_4342 When I saw 5 Minutes for Books' "What's On Your Nightstand?" I thought, "Ohhh, fun!  More book blogging!"  The idea is to, on the fourth Tuesday of every month, post about or take a picture of the books that are currently "on your nightstand".

I thought it might be interesting....  Hm.  Not so sure about that.  I think I forgot just how long books sometimes sit on my nightstand, collecting dust without moving.

Case in point--starting from the bottom:  
  • A legal journal that I really need to return to a co-worker. (Has an article about mental health courts which are such a good idea.  I mean, get mentally ill people help instead of sending them to prison?  Who would've thought of it?!)
  • Harry, A History, which I finished a few months ago, but have been too lazy to put back on the bookshelf downstairs
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, which has been sitting there for months now.  From the first chapter--all I've managed to finish--I think it's going to be a really good book, but I just can't commit to it.  Someday Nice-Friend-That-I-Borrowed-It-From, is going to have to come rescue Edgar and put me out of my guilt. 
  • The Cat Who Walks Through Walls--finished by Sweet Husband a few months ago.  Not sure how it ended up on my side, but I think it was so he didn't have to walk it downstairs to the bookshelf.  
  • Equus, which I just got from the library today.  I would say it raises the tone of my stack a little except, let's be honest, I just requested it because of Daniel Radcliffe

So that's what's on my nightstand.  (I'll try to be more exciting next month!)