20 Weeks :: Wins and Whines


[The little miss, looking a little creepy and sticking out her tongue at all of you.]

Per our paper chain count-down calendar, as of today, this baby is half-cooked.  To commemorate, I give you a mid-pregnancy update.


When I was pregnant with the Kid, I felt like a goddess.  There were times I felt like telling random people, "Look how amazing I am!  I'm making a baby!"

This time I feel like an invalid.

My smart brain knows that this has no basis in reality.  At 5 months in with this little bugger, I still haven't even hit my pre-preggers weight with the Kid.  I ran a 5K a few weeks ago.  I wouldn't have even been at the starting line during my first pregnancy.  

I am so much stronger and fitter than I was 3 years ago.  But the problem is that my whole perspective has changed since then.  

I know that I can run more than 2 miles without huffing and puffing.  I know that I can at least keep up in a moderate level yoga class.  But I sure can't do it right now.  And as I get more lumbering and unwieldy, it only gets more frustrating.

On the whole, I'm just not as excited about being pregnant this time.  Part of it is because I've learned that I honestly don't love sharing my body.  Part of it is because little miss isn't super active yet--I've always thought the kicking was the best part.  

But I think the biggest thing is that I just keep thinking about what comes next.  When I was pregnant with the Kid, it was the greatest part of parenting I had experienced to that point.  Now that I know how cool the rest is, I'm eager to get to the really good stuff already.


On the win side, though, can I give a shout out to all the ladies who--through luck or plan--are getting to be pregnant this particular summer?  Because, while we've had a few hot days, on the whole it's been a-mah-zing weather.  We're supposed to have a summer polar vortex this week, for goodness sakes.

There's still a lot of potential hot weather left, but thus far I cannot complain one bit about the temperatures.  In a Kansas summer, that's practically a miracle.

Also, the Kid.  With the Baby.  Ohmygawd cute.


The other night I was reading to the Kid in bed, and he patted my belly and said, "Goodnight baby!"

"Aww, she says goodnight back," I assured him.

He reached for his very most special "cozy blanket" and asked, "Can I cover her up?"  I smiled as he tucked my belly in, and then told him, "Hey, she's kicking me now.  Look at that!"

His face darkened and his little mouth screwed up as he sat up in bed and looked at me seriously, "Don't worry, mama, I'll kick her back for you!"

I cleared up his misunderstanding, of course, but not before giving myself a good solid minute to die with laughter.