The Grocery List: I *Heart* Jamie O

OLIVER_narrowweb__300x395,0 If I could have one celebrity chef cook for me for the rest of my life, I would pick Jamie Oliver.  In addition to the fact that he has a lovely British accent, we're just on the same wavelength food-wise.  I mean, I know he's, like, a food god, and I am a mere mortal, but putting that aside....we're both fresh food snobs...we're both into humanely raised meats...and chickens!...we both love pizza and "real" mushrooms and bacon and eggs....  

As I sat down to make this week's grocery list, I went to Jamie's website to look up one recipe and ended up doing a, "Hmmm, that looks good...oh, we've gotta try that!"  until our list was almost completely composed of Jamie.  Eh, there are worse things, right?

For this week's list: