What is this day again?

Ya know how, when you're dating someone, you have all these little anniversaries....the first time we met, the first time we kissed, the first time we ate cheeseburgers on the hood of a car.  It's all very romantic, even if it is slightly cloying to outsiders--a sort-of inside joke that always makes you smile.

But then you get married, and it becomes less so.  Although, I'm told there are some couples that do keep celebrating those little days, it's always seemed too sugary-sweet to me.  Because once you're married you have the BIG anniversary.  The day you promised the be-all-end-all-forever.  And suddenly celebrating cheeseburgers seems superfluous.

However, be that all as it may, today Sweet Husband and I have been together for ten years, and I can't let that go without mention.  

But, in thinking about the fact that this day was coming up--although I remember we decided a long time ago that "March 3rd" was the day we "officially" got together--for the life of me I couldn't remember what actually happened on March 3rd....  

It was making me a little crazy actually.  It's just that, there were a few weeks there where things were kinda fuzzy.  He liked me.  I liked him.  But, being awkward teenagers, we were both kind of dancing around the idea of actually discussing it.  This resulted in three potential events, all of which happened on or about March 3rd; all of which could have been our "starting point".

First, it could've been that it was the first time we hung out together with a group of friends.  We were at a restaurant before a school basketball game, and a few people were joking about stealing the silverware, just to be funny.  I (goodie-two-shoes) opined that would be terribly wrong, so Sweet Husband (practical joker) secretly slipped a spoon in my sweatshirt.  And, to my credit, I did laugh when, with mock horror that I would commit such a transgression, he pulled the spoon out of my pocket later.  And, of course, a boy that makes you laugh is always worth getting to know better....

Which leads to the second possible event.  On what I think was the following weekend, I had my friend set us up on a double date with her and her boyfriend.  Chinese food and "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  During the movie, Sweet Husband slipped me a note, "Hello.  I like you."  For several years, I honestly thought that was what we were celebrating on March 3rd.  

But, the thing that was tripping me up was that I know we still didn't really talk about it.  And he did not--as he will never live down for the rest of his natural life and possibly into the afterlife--kiss me goodnight.  (Yeah, I know.  Completely sexist of me, I could've kissed him too, blah, blah....I've been holding this grudge for ten years and I'm not letting go of it now.)  And, on top of all that, as aforementioned, I was 99% sure that night was a weekend.  March 3rd was a Wednesday in 1999, so that didn't work.

The third possibility was that March 3rd could have been the night that he actually did kiss me--or maybe I kissed him?  Can't remember that part, but I know it was a few nights after the note, on a school-night, in the park by the lake.  And his hat was on backwards, which--while I'm ordinarily not a fan of--seemed terribly charming at the time....

After trying to figure this out for the last few days--and deciding it's a really good idea that they give you a piece of paper with the date on it when you get married--I finally decided to own up, and, last night, sheepishly asked Sweet Husband, "Soooo, what exactly does tomorrow signify again?"

Turns out, he's not positive either.  He thinks it was the night at the park--"It was our first date by ourselves"--but can't be sure.

 At any rate though, it's been ten years since something-or-other that was good. :)