Moe Speaks: In Which I Am One Fuzzy Little Moe-Fo

Please forgive my absence this past week.  It's not that I haven't wanted to pop in, it's just that...well, I'm a little ashamed of my less than dapper appearance as of late.


You see, my Mother claims that if I were to go to the groomer for my Spring haircut this early in the season, I might get cold.  Although we did have snow this past weekend, I think she is underestimating me and underestimating just how ragged I look.


I mean, look at these eyebrows!  I look like freaking Groucho Marx!  If she didn't comb them out of the way each morning I wouldn't be able to see even!  And it's not like I couldn't just put on a sweater if it gets cold again.  They're not just for making me look stu-pid, after all!


Seriously, Mom.  Seriously.