I Have An Announcement Everybody, I Have An Announcement

*Ding, ding, ding.*  (Think spoon clinking on wine glass.)

I would like to announce that this year's garden will be getting a late start and much limited in scope...due to the fact that, just yesterday, we signed a contract to buy our first house!

*Happy dance!*

Of course, we still have inspections and appraisals and all that fun to get through before it's really-truly a done deal--as a perpetual worrywart I have to give that disclaimer--but there's no reason to suspect that it won't all go well.

And it's so adorable!  It's about a hundred years old, but the current owners have really given it some love.  Beautiful hardwood floors, two nice porches (a big one in front, and a screened-in one in back), a cast iron tub in the bath, very pretty concrete counters in the kitchen...and the garden, oh my god, the garden!  It's heaven--established herbs and asparagus, fruit trees, veggie beds already in place, a little section of prairie....yay, yay yay!

Moving date is June 12th!