Some Summer Knitting



I can't keep my hands out of my yarn lately.  I've been knitting in the car, during lunches out, in bed.  (Not while I'm driving, promise.)  As a result, some pretty things to show you:

Up top:  The Kid's "Slouchy Boy" hat for this winter.  We're working with him on earning money for the toys he wants, so I had to pay him a whole quarter for this photo.  I considered protesting, but then decided that he should get something for modeling a thick stocking cap in the middle of July.

Middle of the road:  An "Elyssa" dress.  This was something I started to keep busy until we found out our own baby's gender.  The yarn gave me fits, but I love the finished color.  It's intended to be a gift, so I can say no more.

Last, but not least:  A "February Baby" for our little miss.  This is my favorite sweater pattern ever, but it's hard to make it manly enough for a small fellow.  So, of course, it was the first frilly thing I thought of when the sonographer said "probably girl".  

I've done a lot of blue and green and grey knitting for the Kid these past few years, so I expected to go off the deep end a little into purples and pinks.  But when I got to the yarn store, this blue was calling me so loudly that I couldn't refuse it.  (Now I need some buttons to give me a holler, too!)

I'm hoping it will fit when she's tiny, but I put short sleeves on it so that it will work for either winter or spring.  

And now I'm trying to decide what to do next.  Anyone have a favorite baby knitting pattern I should check out?