Early Plantings and Movings and Gardening Things


Stopped by the nursery on the way home at the end of last week, and came away with a plant or two.  It's kind of hard planning this year.  I gave up my plot in the community garden--people were clamoring for spots, and I knew that a) I'll have my own place soon and b) I'm not sure I'll have time--but I still gotta plant something, right?  I mean, what would I talk about all summer with no garden?

So, I decided on some early veggies.  I planted seeds for lettuce and radishes and peas, and bought some little broccoli plants--all plunked in pots and the planter at home.  If they grow before we move, great.  If not, I'll leave what I can't take for the new occupants (who are really good friends who enjoy fresh veggies).

I also decided to move the tulips, already popping up as pictured at lower left.  Don't ask me what possessed me--I've probably killed them for good this time--but maybe they'll still bloom...probably...I hope?