Eight Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Night

1.I got a massage tonight.  I do not ordinarily splurge on things like that, but I had a gift certificate so, you know, I had to go.  It was nice, except that, um, she hurt me.  Like, seriously hurt me.  I probably should have said something, but I was afraid that maybe it needed to hurt.  Like, maybe there were knots in me that were so bad that they could only be purged by pain. 

2.I have a cool, new comment thingy on my blog.  I was reading SouleMama this morning and saw that she had it, and went all, "Wow! How do I do that?"  And she emailed me back and told me, and now I have a cool, new comment thingy.  Try it out, for reals--it's pretty awesome.

3.Sweet Husband and his "Scotch-night" friends taught Moe how to balance a toy on his nose last night.  I've been trying to do it forever, and they get him to do it when they're all half furshnickered--figures!  (Pictures soon though, I promise--it's so freakin' cute!)

4.But while that all was happening, I was at the first night of my Photo shop class.  Compared to what I knew when I walked in, I now feel like a Photo shop ninja master--and I've still got seven more classes to go.  I forget how much of a buzz I get out of learning completely new things until I just go do it.  It's a good drug.

5.And speaking of learning new things (via Janet at foodperson) the University of Missouri Extension is doing food preservation classes this summer.  They've got pressure canning and dehydrating and freezing and pickling and all kinds of stuff.  I already know how to do some of those things, but a) even with the things I think I know how to do, I always wonder if I'm doing it "right" and b) I'm scared of trying learn to use a pressure canner without a real live human supervising me.  So, I think I'm going to sign up for a few!

6.Have you all played around on Tumblr at all yet?  Random, yes, but the easy-posting format is just a lot of fun.  Some of my favorites are [oneshouldreadeverything], death by chocolate is a myth, it's mary ruffle, and infinite Wisdom springs from infinite Love.  Oh, and, of course, Tumledore.

7.Speaking of which, did you know it's 113 days until the Half-Blood Prince movie comes out?  Almost time to start a 100-day countdown.  And the trailer looks soooo good!  I think this is my favorite of the books, so I'm crazy excited to go see it.  (And it's [mostly] the end of Michael Gambon as Dumbledore...oh Richard Harris, why did you have to leave us?)

8.What is Sweet Husband doing as I type this?  Coming up with his own internet randomness.  Example, weird test answers: "What is a Hindu?  It lays eggs."  

And with that, I think it's officially time to put the internet to bed for the night!