Barefoot Bloggers: Brownie Pudding


The Contessa's Brownie Pudding was one of the Barefoot Bloggers bonus recipes this month, chosen by Tia of Southern, Eh?.  I didn't intend to make it--I generally don't do the extra desserts--but it was Saturday night, there was an ice storm, I had all the stuff in the house, so I figured, eh, why not?

Sweet Husband was a little suspicious--"It's still really gooey in the center, are you sure it's done?"--but once it was cooled it was very much like pudding or mousse with a crunchy brownie crust on top.  I used some of our uber strong Christopher Elbow "drinking chocolate"--for hot chocolate we generally sip it in a shot glass portion rather than from mugs--so it was really, really rich.  Didn't have any ice cream to go with, but a glass of milk washed it down just as well.

For the recipe, see the links above.