Moe Speaks: A Ruff Weekend


Fun times were had this weekend in this Welsh household!

I kicked off the weekend with a trip to my groomer--finally!  But wouldn't you know it, just as soon as I was all shaved it started icing and snowing--brrrrr! 

And then we had a party for the big basketball game.  All my favorite aunties and uncles came over, but they just sat around and yelled at the TV.  It was hard to have their attention diverted from me, but I did sneak a snack or two when no one was looking, and I also insisted they play with me during the commercials.

Which is what led to this picture.  I was happily chewing on my basketball--which I deflated a few weeks ago so that it would fit into my mouth--when somebody (ahem, Dad) decided it would be a funny hat, and somebody else (ahem, Mom) decided the moment needed to be memorialized with a picture.  Oh, those goofy humans o'mine, I tell you what!

Saturday we had a little post game day breakfast.  Biscuits-and-gravy-and-hashbrowns, oh my!  I think Mom and Dad might have even had eggs with theirs too.  I love it when they go all out, and we all definitely needed to replenish our nutrients after the night before.

And, of course, after such a hardcore breakfast, a hardcore nap was in order.  Dad lit a fire, and all four of us snuggled and slept on the couch as the nasty ice came down outside.  There were some "negotiations" between Porter and I over who would lay where, but in the end it worked out quite satisfactory.  I cuddled in the space next to Mom's belly, Porter tucked into the crook of her knees, and Dad....well, Dad might have ended up on the floor by the end of things, but he was really sweet about it.

Then Sunday, more breakfast, of course.  On the menu for us dogs were waffles and eggs.  The icy stuff had stopped by then, and the sun was out, so we took an afternoon walk-and-sniff around the neighborhood.  

All in all a very nice weekend, but I'm glad I have five weekdays to recover from all that eating and sleeping!