Homemade Raspberry Leaf Tea



Raspberry leaf tea--the official drink of hippie pregnant ladies everywhere.  I tease, but I did faithfully drink a cup or two just about every day of the last trimester I was pregnant with the Kid.  

The claim is that it's supposed to be generally good for your lady system.  I don't know if I noticed any benefit in that area or not, but I came to enjoy the ritual of sitting down with a cup (and a muffin!) in the afternoon or before I went to bed at night.  

It tasted nice.  It might have been good for me.  Why not?

I began thinking of all that tea the other day, as I stared down several errant canes from our raspberry bramble.  They needed to be cut, but I wondered....

A quick trip to the Google answered my question.  My favorite brand of raspberry leaf tea does not contain any voodoo ingredients or magic beans--just plain old "organic raspberry leaves".  I had plenty of those, and a dehydrator, too.  

Working carefully to avoid thorns, I hacked off the unwanted canes and carried them to the shade of my back porch to strip the leaves.  I let the leaves soak in a sink of cold water for a few minutes to clean them, then I layered them on trays in my dehydrator.  Several hours later, I had tea.

I probably won't start sipping on it for awhile.  For one, I'm not into iced tea and it's too hot for anything steamy.  For two, something seems stuck in my head about waiting to drink it until later in pregnancy.  (Must run that one by Lovely Midwife, I think.)  But I'm a little tickled that I've made a big jar of it out of leaves I would have otherwise just thrown on the compost pile.