Easter Celebrations


I love Easter.  

As a kid, it was always such an uncomplicated holiday and pretty much like the real first day of Spring.  The Easter bunny would bring new Spring clothes and buckets of candy and some sort of outside toy.  Then my cousins and I would spend the day outside hiding and finding Easter eggs, which generally culminated in an Easter egg fight around twilight (once the eggs were cracked beyond recognition and starting to become food safety hazards).  Looking back, our celebration was basically a pagan one--nothing more and nothing less than a day spent happily welcoming the sun back after being stuck inside all winter.  I can almost still smell the grass...it was awesome....

These days we try to make it back to the hometown.  I make Easter baskets for my girlies.  Sweet Husband goes to church with his Mom.  My brother and sister and I engage in our traditional, legendary, and fiercely competitive chocolate Easter egg hunt.  Then both families generally meet back up for Easter dinner at Nice-In-Law's house.  (Yeah, I know.  We don't have to take turns or try to split time, my in-laws just invite my family over--it's OK if you're jealous of me right now.)

How did you celebrate Easter when you were little?  And now?
(Oh!  And pictured above are my girlies' Easter buckets for this year.  The eggs?  They're full of confetti!  [I'm going to be in such trouble with their mommies, but we'll take them outside, I promise!]  I actually was able to buy them this way, but if you wanted to make some here are instructions.)