Poll: Reunioning?

I'm having a small dilemma, and--as y'all are pretty smart most of the time--I thought, "Eh, why not ask my Nice Blog Reading Friends?"

Here's the issue.  My ten year high school class reunion is imminent, and I need to decide whether I'm going to go. 
For background, high school was not hell for me, nor was it the greatest time of my life.  I was basically happy, just hadn't really grown into my own skin yet, if that makes sense?  I don't have any old scores to settle.  There's no one whose nose I need to rub into the fact that I'm all grown-up and successful and brilliant and happy.  (Although, as you all know, I so am every one of those things!  *Giggle.*)  Also, I still keep in touch with some of my friends from that time period--not everyone, but I basically catch most of the people I really want to see at least once a year-ish--so that's not a huge issue either.

Ordinarily, I'd be totally up for it, but the problem is, it's the weekend before we're moving.  I realize I can pack at other times, and so on, but I know my to-do list will be running through my head ad nauseum all weekend if I'm not home where I'm able to do something about it.  And it will make me crazy.  That's just how I am.

But I don't want to not go, and then hear about what a great time everyone had....

But really I'll see all the people I really want to see at other times, and we'll have fabulous times then too....

But, but, but....urgh.

So, my question is, did you go to your high school reunion?  If so, was it fan-tab-ulous?  Or just whatever?  Am I missing out on a big rite of passage if I skip out on this one?  Or can I just forget about it and be sure to clear my calendar for my twenty-year?