Flowers Planted and Dirty Feet


Yesterday afternoon I was able to get a little garden tending in.  

I planted some Cinnamon Sunflowers and Cosmos (all from last year's seeds--yay!), and dog proofed them just a bit.  (I've found that if I don't cover new plantings somehow, Moe and Porter will maul them to death.  I let them stay this way until the plants emerge and get a few inches tall, then I'll take the coverings off.)  

I gave my peas a little blue trellis to wind their little tendrils up.  And the radishes and lettuce are coming along too.  (Sigh.  I love Spring veggies.  They're like magic--just sprinkle seeds on dirt, wait for some rain, and off they go!)

And my dirty, dirty feet--the first pair of the season.  ;)