Moe Speaks: Tips and Tricks for Training Your Human (Part One)

IMG_4810 I think one of the very best things about dogs blogging is that it means we can share information.  Valuable hints that might be limited to one dog, or even one neighborhood of dogs, can now be disseminated amongst us all.  And who knows, a few things I do to get treats and scritches from my human might work for you too!  

So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to share with you a few of my very best "Tips and Tricks for Training Your Human".  For my first tip, here's one of my favorites:

Like I'm sure many of your humans do, when my Mom gets home from work, she generally goes to sit down on the couch or the patio.  She reads the mail, picks up a book, turns on music, or other stuff that's boring.  

How do I get her to get up and do something fun?  (For reference, something fun=throwing the ball, a game o'tug, a treat from the kitchen, or full-on belly rub.)  

First, I slide up next to her.  Then I slowly and gently lean into her side.  Then, in one swift  movement, I slip my head in between her and whatever she's reading, put my head on her chest and stare her straight in the face.  Eye expression is crucial here pups--the look on your face must very clearly say, "I've love you so much and I've been waiting for you all day and now that you're home, won't you please, please play with me?  But if you don't want to play it's OK.  I'll just lay my head here on your chest and be content to be next to you."

Before you know it, your human will be scratching your ears, laughing at you indulgently, and telling you to go find a ball so you can play outside.  Works like a charm!


Award kreative_blogger In other news, Molly and Taffy tagged me for something very nice the other day.  Now, according to the rules, I must list seven of my favorite things and tag seven of my favorite blogging dogs.

My favorite things are rats, squeaky toys, the shower, other bodies of water, bacon-and-eggs-and-pancakes, having my armpits scritched, and naps in the that order.

A few of my favorite dog bloggers: