Orangette's Jars of Deliciousness

Last one and then I'll quit talking about her for awhile, I promise.  It's just...I mean, first there was the mayo (which, I must note, also went into a jar) and now these three recipes--my fridge is full of jars full of deliciousness, all thanks to the lovely Orangette.

This week's goodies?


First, an awesome recipe for roasted tomatoes--Pomodori al Forno.  I'm using canned tomatoes because we don't have real ones yet, but the slow roasting process (and the little pinch of sugar) makes them taste like July.  My summer resolution is to buy a huge flat of tomatoes at the farmer's market, make about a million jars of these guys, and freeze them for next winter.  Merry Christmas to me!


Second and third--pickles!  

The jar to the right is full of pickled onions.  With a nice hint of cumin, and such a gorgeous color, these were awesome with brats the other night.  They're crunchier than cooked onions, but softer and milder tasting than raw onions--jussst right.  

But the real show stopper is to the left.  No your eyes aren't deceiving you, those are pickled grapes!  

A little weird, I know, but quickly becoming my favorite after-work snack.  On the first day after I made them, I wasn't sure whether I liked them or not.  The vinegar was a little overpowering.  However, each day they've gotten just a little less acidic, and a little more sweet.  By this evening (four days out) I was popping them like candy.  With every second or third grape you get this wonderful burst of cinnamon.  I think when I make them again--and I will--I'll probably double the cinnamon, just to make it a little more intense.  

The recipes for both kinds of pickles, plus a recipe for pickled prunes that I will probably be trying soon, are here.