Asparagus Week: Asparagus Soldiers


I think this is the ASPARAGUS WEEK recipe I was most looking forward to, and it did not disappoint!  Another one from Jamie at Home--how can you not love a dish that has a cool name like "Asparagus Soldiers"?

The basic idea?  Wrap about twenty-ish asparagus stems in pancetta or prosciutto (or don't, even), lay them out on a baking dish, splash them with a touch of olive oil, and roast them in a 425 degree oven for about ten minutes.  Meanwhile, soft boil half a dozen eggs.  (Get the water boiling, gently lower the eggs in, cook for five minutes.)  Gently tap, tap, tap the tops off your eggs, salt them a little, and use the gooey, golden, goodness within as a dipping sauce for your roasted spears.  

A little hash-browns on the side and/or a few baby radishes fresh from the garden, and you've got a yummy dinner for two!