Barefoot Bloggers on a Budget: Cobb Salad Rolls

3461567828_03bdc4db51 This month the Barefoot Bloggers decided to do a "Barefoot on a Budget" challenge.  The idea was to take one of Ina's more expensive recipes--in this case her Lobster Cobb Salad Rolls--and tweak the recipe to make it more affordable.

To get lobster in Kansas you have to have it overnighted-in.  (Nice In-laws do it for a party about once a year or so--it's a lot of fun, but definitely for special occasions only as it's quite pricey.)  In lieu of that I decided just to sub packaged crab, and use some really nice, crusty rolls from our local bakery.  (Not terribly creative, I know, but fairly inexpensive at least.  The crab was about $6 for 6 ounces, and the bread was like, a dollar for a whole baguette.)

In retrospect, I wish I had just left the crab out.  I'm such a little spoiled brat about my seafood, and the packaged stuff just never tastes as good to me as the buggers that were still crawling around until fifteen minutes before appearing on my plate.  And really--with the creamy avocado and tomatoes and blue cheese and yummy dressing--this is one you could easily make vegetarian and never miss the meat.